Personal Training Career Options (Pros And Cons)

In this video you’ll learn the different Personal Training career options pros and cons for once you’ve qualified as a Personal Trainer!

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Learn about how much you can earn as a personal trainer, the different personal trainer salary ranges and the different PT models, as well as the various freelancing avenues available.

There are actually lots of different ways you can take your fitness career, once you’ve qualified as a personal trainer and there is not a one rule fits all approach to which route you can take or how much a personal trainer earns.

Join me as I break down top 10 Personal Training Career options pros and cons with the personal trainer salary for each option, so you can find the perfect PT model to suit you!

Here you’ll learn the national average salary for Personal Trainers, both in and outside of London. Then we’ll examine the commission structures and financial targets in place for this PT model.

I will show you the typical contracted hourly rate and number of hours you’ll be expected to work, as well as the typical hourly rate for 1-2-1 PT and the amount you will have to pay back to the gym.

I will show you a typical rent structure both in and outside of London and outline the cost of your annual license fee and how much you can earn as a personal trainer through this method.

I will show you how freelancing from a private gym or private training studio differs from freelancing for a national chain of gyms and the affiliated personal training salary. You will also learn the varying ways you pay to the private gym.

If you’re looking for a personal trainer career freelancing independent from a gym, you are operating as a sole trader or an LTD company. You can become a mobile PT going to client’s homes, train with them on the beach, in the park, run group classes from a sport hall or become a freelance class instructor.

You will learn the potential Personal trainer salary range for a successful independent Personal Trainer with a full client base!

The dream for many aspiring personal trainers, is to one day be able to open your very own gym, or PT studio.

You can start of PT studio or gym right after qualifying as a personal trainer if you have the financial status to be able to do so.

The online personal training career option is a massively growing market and in order to personal train you don’t need to be physically present.

You can write bespoke programmes, nutrition plans, give advise, track and monitor clients all distantly, still providing that personalised service that makes personal training effective.

Starting a Group Personal Training Career for some reason is still only emerging, but some trainers that have cottoned on have been doing this successfully for years!

You will also learn the difference between Group PT and Classes, then I go through the pros and cons of this personal training method.

Running fitness classes could be an option for you If you’re more of a trainer inclined towards teaching fitness classes and get a buzz of being the instructor at the head of a class.

I will go through your options for location, as well as the various types of classes available.

Then I break down the typical fees and your available freelancing options.

Many trainers are completely oblivious of the possibilities of working as a contracted personal trainer… And that you can work as a contractor for event companies, insurance brokers, schools or health care institutions.

I will explain the typical hourly rate for contracted PT work and then examine the Pros and Cons.

Finally, you will learn options for combining multiple options together, maximising your revenue and fitness career opportunities.

Let me know which Personal Training career option works for you!

01:00 | Number 10: Working for a Gym in a Salaried Position
03:00 | Pros and Cons
04:22 | Number 9: Working for a Gym in a Part Salaried, Part Freelance Position
05:34 | Pros and Cons
07:00 | Number 8: Working for a Gym on a Freelance Only Based Position
08:27 | Pros and Cons
11:27 | Number 7: Freelancing from a Private Studio or Private Gym
13:08 | Pros and Cons
14:34 | Number 6: Freelancing in Physical Locations like Clients Homes or Outdoors
15:29 | Pros and Cons
17:07 | Number 5: Setting up your Own Gym or Studio
19:00 | Pros and Cons
21:52 | Number 4: Setting up as an Online Personal Trainer
22:45 | Pros and Cons
24:29 | Starting a Group Personal Training Business
25:15 | Pros and Cons
27:03 | Number 2: Running Fitness Classes
28:26 | Pros and Cons
30:34 | Number 1: Working as a Contracted Personal Trainer
31:31 | Pros and Cons